Metal tabletop design tables

Our site gives a good impression and offers all information about our tables. Our range of tables are unique with a metal tabletop.  The layers are created with beautiful metals like copper, bronze, messing & steel. We develop with different application methods and types of metal powders.  This is how our collection is regularly expanded. You can view the available metal layer options, different sizes & shapes and different steel table bases.

On the sales addresses page you can view the showrooms where you can view and buy Design by Ricardo coffee- , dining- , side- & bar tables.

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Our webshop is only visible to Premium members, since we deliver only to businesses(B2B). When you register as a Premium member, you can order custom table tops, table bases and more. Interested in our product for your furniture store or furniture division? You want more information, please contact us. Don’t have an account for your company yet? Registration is free.

Metal layer on tabletop - Alaska Gold

Metal tabletops

Design by Ricardo is a special collection of luxury tables. Poured cold metal applied in a decorative style. The various polishing processes make these tables a real eye-catcher. The metal layered tabletop rests on a steel powder coated base.

The color depends on the metal used. The way how this metal layer is applicated determines its unique look. Every table is handmade.

Custom made

All these tables can be ordered in many sizes and shapes. To get more information, please

Metal Champagne - metal layer for tabletop

Most favorite Ricardo color for 2022

The metal layer tabletops mixtures and decors are created by our artist Ricardo. Design by Ricardo creates the unique decors with Swiss Steel(light grey) , Bronze(brown), Italian Steel(dark grey), Alaska Gold & Las Vegas Gold (Brass mixtures).

New in 2022 is the sophisticated subtle Metal Champagne color. A beautiful color to combine with a light and white interior.

Interior impressions

  • Las Vegas Gold - rectangular table with metal layer
  • Bronze layered rectangle table
  • Italian Steel round table
  • Swiss Steel round table

Metal layers

Table Options

Different shapes of tabletops
  • Multiples shapes for the tabletops
  • Tabletop thickness: 1.96 or 2,36 inch inch (5 or 6 cm)
  • Presented with an exclusive steel tablebase: model Twello Design R Ⓒ
  • Other steel tablebases are optional
  • Different colors powdercoat for the steel tablebase

Powder coating colors

Powder coating color options
  1. White Silky Gloss
  2. Silver FS
  3. Dark Grey Metallic
  4. Black Bronze FS
  5. Anodic Brown
  6. Anodic Bronze
  7. Gold Metallic
  8. Black FS (standard)
  9. Black Matte

More colors are available on request

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